What are the benefits to install timber floors in your home?



Technically speaking, solid timber flooring is a form of wood flooring but it differs from the common or ordinary wood in both quality and cost. Timber wood is far different from the ordinary wood available in the market and hence, timber wood flooring is considered special and rare. It has numerous benefits and attributes comparing to any other woods as it is made by recycling or reclaiming wood boards. It is also widely known as barn board flooring, timber wooden flooring and plank flooring in most of the countries across the world.

Hardwood timber flooring is one of the decent options for your new home or office. ABC Prestige flooring offers a wide range of options over solid Australian and European hardwood timber flooring along with traditional handcraft parquetry flooring as well as wide range of pre-finished engineered hardwood flooring and floating floors, floating boards, laminate flooring and whisper quiet floor systems. Their professional craftsmen will perform a quality installation and finishing of your new wooden flooring by giving your floor an instant new look and décor.


Different kinds of Solid timber flooring:

1. Solid hardwood timber flooring: This kind of timber wood flooring is delighting the Australian homes since century. It provides a distinctive edge to the décor and interior of your house by brining a different floor image. It’s durable up to 20 years and even more.

2. Laminate flooring: It is quite different from the other timber floors as it gives a realistic look to your floor with the help of different colors and textures. Laminate floors are easy to clean and wipe. They are durable and can be laid in place of timber, where height is limited. You can even find laminate wooden flooring with glue free systems.

3. Engineered floating timber floors: From Europe to Australia, Floating floors made a way to become famous and demandable. This kind of flooring uses technology to minimize the level of tension from timber floors by restricting timber movement up to 70%. It is almost covered by nine laminated layers having the top layer of solid timber hardwood.

4. Parquet flooring: Parquet flooring gives the user a chance to draw some geometric designs and elegant patterns in their flooring. It gives the awesome and stunning outcome of timber flooring patterns that is hardly found in any other timber floor polishing patterns. It is said that creative people and interior designers love this kind of timber wooden flooring as it gives one a chance to design their own kind of artistic flooring.

5. Pre Finished Solid timber flooring: Pre finished solid timber floors resemble solid hardwood flooring in many ways but it has got some additional structures and features that make it more preferable and qualified. This floor is factory sanded, polished and finished. It gives the floor a polishing touch and feel that makes it look entirely elegant. The installation time is less compared to other timber wood flooring types. One thing to notice over here is its surface protection feature that makes your timber floor more lasting and beautiful.

Benefits of Timber Floors are as follow:

1. Timber wooden flooring is produced naturally and is easily found in self sustaining forests across the world. Being a natural product, it takes less amount of energy during its built-up.

2. Timber floors are easily adjustable with any kind of color or grain. It is thus considered as one of the most flexible forms of wood.

3. Timber floor polishing and sunshine coast is entirely different from the ordinary woods and thus, it gives a new look to your office or drawing room.

4. Timber floors are even better for people suffering from asthma and other disorders because it is considered as one of the healthiest woods.

5. Some people prefer traditional décor whereas some people are crazy about modern décor and interior, hardwood timber flooring suits both the kinds of décor and give a eternal feel.

6. Timber floors are hardly damaged even when kids accidently throw things on the floor. Thus, it gives an enhanced quality life to your floor.

7. Timber wooden flooring is more popular because it is easily recyclable. You can re-use your timber wood by simply recycling it.

8. Solid timber flooring is not difficult to maintain because it has a strong quality feature/base.

9. Timber floor polishing adds beauty to the office/house and hence, it is admired and preferred by almost every individual.

10. Wooden flooring made up of timber lasts longer, looks beautiful and is easily recyclable saving your extra material and installation costs.

Timber wooden flooring is one of the latest flooring styles available today and hence, you can rely upon its texture and pattern for making your home or office more elegant and stunning. It has got various types, patterns, designs and textures that not only adds beauty to your existing decor but also brings a distinct appearance inside your house. From floor polishing to finishing, timber wood flooring steals the show!


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